Global Handprints | Independent Volunteer Experiences at Locally Established Projects

Global Handprints - Independent Volunteer Experiences at Locally Established Projects

Global Handprints | Independent Volunteer Experiences at Locally Established Projects
Global Handprints | Independent Volunteer Experiences at Locally Established Projects

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Global Handprints | Independent Volunteer Experiences at Locally Established Projects
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What Can I Expect From Global Handprints?

Global Handprints staff are experienced in both volunteer placement management as well as community development. As a team we strive to combine our skills and experience to bring you the best placement we can. This includes preparing you beforehand, supporting you throughout and keeping in touch once you've left too.

Before You Leave:

There is a lot to learn, know and absorb when considering volunteering overseas. We understand this and don't want to bombard you with information on our website. On various pages you will find links to further information about our projects, the communities we work with and the regions we work in. However, if there's something you're not sure of or can't find, please do not hesitate to contact us either via email or phone (+27-71-976-0760). Once you have registered and your place has been confirmed, we will send out a Welcome Pack with relevant reading materials and further information about the TtT placement or Road Trip you have chosen. We suggest you read through this carefully in addition to doing your own research into the country's cultures, history and regions.

While You're With Us:

Global Handprints will be with you the whole time you're on placement or on a Road Trip. Our team of dedicated Guides and Coordinators work hard to make sure your safety, wellbeing and comfort are being met at all times while also putting a smile on your face. Management staff are also always at the end of a phone or able to respond to emails should you have any queries, issues or just comments that you want to share. Upon arrival, you will go through an orientation session in which we will discuss culture differences and shock, what you can expect from your placement or Road Trip, safety rules, routines, emergency procedures etc.

Free Time:

Our Volunteer Road Trip itineraries are pretty structured because of the amount we fit in to enable you to get the most of your time. Your Guide will talk to you about any free time sessions you have and what the options are depending on where you are. For Volunteer Teachers on our TtT project, the evenings and weekends are your time to relax, explore, socialise and make the most of the incredible location you will be in. Our staff will be more than happy to talk to you about activities, hiring cars, getting around and places to go. Your Welcome Pack will also include ideas for ways to spend your free time but, to get an idea, check out our friends at Extreme Nature Tours.


All our accommodation is at reputable, safe and clean backpackers or lodges. Volunteer Teachers and Road Trippers will be accommodated in twin rooms or dormitories, usually with a max of 6 people, depending on numbers.


Global Handprints current projects are based in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape in South Africa. The weather and climate for these provinces can vary with the Drakensburg mountain range being much cooler and less humid than the coastal towns. The South African Weather Service is a great website to give you forecasts as well as an overall picture of what the weather may look like while you're here.


Global Handprints works very hard to ensure all the safety of all Road Trippers and volunteers. We only take you to places we feel comfortable being in ourselves and are continuously assessing our destinations and routes to keep up to date with any changes. We check our vehicles frequently to make sure they are road worthy and ensure each one has an accident and emergency kit on board at all times. We organise the entirety of your trip or placement from meeting you at the airport to dropping you off for you flight home (or onwards travel). We provide safe, clean and hygienic accommodation that has been personally assessed by Global Handprints staff. We provide safe drinking water throughout the day and all food that is included, is provided by reputable, safe and hygienic restaurants. One of our registered Guides or a Project Coordinator will be with you at all times during your Volunteer Road Trip or placement ensuring that all activities and voluntary work are conducted under supervision. We have chosen our activity providers carefully and only include activities run by reputable companies. We will provide you with emergency contact details should there ever be a need for them and will go through emergency procedures in your orientation session.

After You've Left Us:

Global Handprints encourages all past volunteers and Road Trippers to keep involved with the community development you were part of. This can be done through social media and our newsletters. We also welcome any fundraising efforts with open arms and are always happy to discuss ideas of how to fundraise, as well as what funds could be used for, with you.

Global Handprints | Independent Volunteer Experiences at Locally Established Projects
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